JVW Holiday Party

We would like to thank  JVW for a for a class act holiday party at the Scranton Club. JVW family knows how to do it right and this party was no exception. Food was delicious courtesy of Stirnas restaurant. We were honored to provide the photo booth. enjoy the... read more

Santa’s Little Helpers

The Big Guy (aka Santa) made a special, private visit to these cuties a few days ago. Without the distractions of the mall we were able to get some really endearing expressions. It’s truly a magical time for the little guys and you can see it in their... read more

Hello Blog…

Hi there. Welcome to our new blog! Dino DeNaples Photography will be posting snippets of our recent work and any news we have to share. Feel free to leave us comments! We would love to hear from you! And thank you all of you beautiful people who allow us to capture... read more